THE SPENDIARYAN OPERA AND BALLET NATIONAL ACADEMIC THEATRE is located in the heart of Yerevan. It is not only a cultural hub, but also an architectural masterpiece designed by the Armenian architect Alexander Tamanyan. In 1937 the project was awarded the Grand Prize at the international exhibition in Paris. The Yerevan Opera House was founded in the first half of the 20th century-a historically difficult period for the Armenian people. However, the dream of having an opera theatre surmounted the obstacles. Today, the cultural symbol of Armenia stands before us with its classical beauty, magnificent stage well equipped with modern technology, and an amphitheater with more than 1000 seats, and splendid hallways and balconies. The Theatre was officially opened on January 20, 1933 with Alexander Spendiaryan’s Almast opera. Having two thousand years of theatre history, it was only in the 20th century that the Armenian people were able to present to the world the treasures of their opera and ballet. Over the decades of its existence the Theatre has performed numerous classical and contemporary works by Armenian and international composers. Some of the acclaimed productions played throughout the history of the Theatre are Anoush, Almast, and Arshak operas, Gayane and Spartacus ballets, as well as compositions by Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Rossini, Donizetti, Bizet, Bellini, Stravinsky, etc. For over 85 years, the Yerevan Opera House has been representing Armenia in different corners of the world. It has not only been promoting and sharing high culture, but also serving as the driving force for many emerging composers. Throughout its history the Theatre has introduced numerous cutting-edge artists to the world audiences. Today, the Yerevan Opera House continues the theatrical and musical traditions that have been formed over the decades. It is a living organism that is in a constant search for creativity and new ideas. The Theatre continues to play its finest works and is considered one of the leading cultural hubs for foreigners visiting Armenia. The Armenian National Theatre of Opera and Ballet regularly hosts world-renowned opera and ballet artists. The participation of guest artists of Armenian descent in various productions and concerts is especially encouraged. One of the missions of the Theatre is to promote culture throughout Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. The Theatre organizes concerts in the regions of Armenia, including performances at the military units aimed at raising the spirit of the Armenia soldier.

The Theatre places a special emphasis on chamber and symphonic concerts, providing its audiences an opportunity to become acquainted with the masterpieces of the world’s musical heritage.

THE HOUSE-MUSEUM OF ARAM KHACHATURIAN is located in Yerevan. The composer had only managed to only become acquainted with the drafts of the future museum and express his wishes to a famous architect Edward Altunian, who was asked by the government to start the project order. The basis for the museum was a large stately house where the elder brother of Aram Khachaturian Vaghinak and his family lived. It was in this house that Aram Khachaturian often stayed whenever he visited Yerevan.

The former residence has remained unchanged. The garden has been converted into a small courtyard, where a spring-monument, a gift to the museum from architects S. Gyurzadian and S.Barseghianhas, has been erected. The facade is framed with five arches reminding tuning forks. Various already traditional events - festivals, commemorative evenings, competitions, meetings with prominent figures of culture, exhibitions take place at the museum each year. Letters, manuscripts of scores, books, records, photos and other materials related to the life and creative work of the genius composer are collected there. The son of A. Khachaturian, Karen, donated to the museum the private things of his father: cabinet, bedroom, dining room, piano, conductor’s tail-coat and baton, letters and many other things from the family archive. Before and after the opening of the house-museum, valuable materials from all over the world were being sent out there. Gradually, the museum was filled with new remainders. One of those exhibits has a very interesting history. It involves a piano, donated to the house-museum by Tigran Mostijian from San Paolo. Once (by the end of the fifties), when the composer toured in South America, a passionate admirer of his creative work T. Mostijian gave a reception in his home in honor of Aram Khachaturian. He bought a piano just because he wanted the composer to touch the keys of the instrument. After Khachaturian had played fragments of his compositions, suddenly, the master of the house gave a nail to the composer so that the latter would scratch his autograph at the piano’s top cover. It took persuading Khachaturian; nevertheless, the signature was put. Today, this piano occupies its modest place in the museum. The house-museum of Aram Khachaturian has a light concert hall with excellent acoustics.

KOMITAS MUSEUM-INSTITUTE Is an art and biographical museum in Yerevan, Armenia, devoted to the renowned Armenian musicologist and composer Komitas. It is located adjacent to the pantheon at the Komitas Park. The museum was opened in January 2015. The construction was financed by the "Pyunik" and "Luys" foundations. The architect of the project is Arthur Meschian. The museum-institute was officially opened on 29 January 2015, The museum consists of a large concert hall, permanent and temporary exhibition halls and sections, research centre, music studio, library and publishing house. Komitas Vardapet's personal belongings are grouped in the museum. The life and work of Komitas, activities related to his musical and religious careers along with his rich heritage of researches in Armenian folkloric music, are permanently exhibited in eight sections of the museum. The project is composed and curated by Vardan Karapetyan and photographer Alberto Torsello. It is implemented by the International Council of Museums.

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