Day 1

Welcom to Armenia

Transfer: Airport Zvartnots-Tsaghkadzor

Hotel accommodation in “Writers House” Tsaghkadzor

TSAGHKADZOR is one of the resorts of Armenia where the beauty of nature is manifested in all its diversity. Tsaghkadzor is the best winter resort in the country. Winter is mild, sunny days reach up to 270 days a year. Snowfalls are quite significant; snow cover is durable with a depth of 1.40 meters. Here there are all the opportunities for skiers, snowboarders, orienteering sports lovers for practicing their favorite type of sports. It is a cozy resort town with a population of 1700 people. It is located on the eastern slope of Mount Teghenis, at an altitude of 1840 m. above sea level. It is only 10 meters below of the 5 highest ski stations of the famous Courchevel.

Selection of ski equipment (ski, boots, poles, helmet)

20:00 Diner at the hotel

Day 2

09:00 Breakfast at the hotel.

Free day/skiing

Transfer to the cable car and roundtrip 

20:00 Diner at the hotel

Day 3

·         09:00 Breakfast at the hotel. 

·         Free day/skiing

·         Transfer to the cable car and roundtrip

·         20:00 Dinner at the Hotel 

Day 4

·         09:00 Breakfast at the hotel. 

·         Free day/skiing

·         Transfer to the cable car and roundtrip

·         20:00 Dinner at the Hotel 

Day 5


        09:00 Breakfast at the hotel

·         11:00 Check out from Hotel

·         Transfer to Yerevan

·         12:30 Hotel accommodation in “ANI PLAZA” Yerevan

·         13:30-14:30 Lunch in the restaurant “Caucasian Captive”

·         15:00 Trip to ARARAT BRANDY FACTORY, which preserves the tradition of the legendary cognac production since 1887. During the tour you can have a unique opportunity not only to get acquainted with the rich history of the factory, but also to enjoy a few kinds of Brandy in the degustation room.

·         18:00- Evening walking tour in Yerevan (with guide).

NORTHERN AVENUE is the most modern part of the Armenian capital which connects Yerevan’s two main squares: the Republic Square and Freedom Square where the Opera Theater is situated.

CASCADE AND CAFESJIAN Center for the Arts is a great architectural complex in the center of historical Yerevan. It is a huge staircase (we counted 740 steps), which ends with a viewing platform. It is an ornament of the city in the form of the original architectural composition which reminds a huge multi-tiered pyramid of Babel.

OPERA AND BALLET THEATRE is one of the greatest attractions of the country. Being located in the heart of Yerevan it was designed by architect Alexander Tamanyan who combined the two auditoria in a single semi-circular building in a very unusual manner.

·         20:00  Dinner at the restaurant

Day 6


        09:00 Breakfast at the hotel

·         10:00 Excursion to the Garni and Gegard

GARNI - Explore Armenia’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed treasures on this Garni-Geghard day tour from Yerevan. You will stop at Ararat ARC where we'll have a fantastic view to Mount Ararat. Visit the iconic Temple of Garni considered the country’s most important symbol of pre-Christian Armenia-with a guide and admire the classical Hellenistic architecture you find. The Goght River in Armenia carves through this beautiful, eye-catching gorge, referred to as Garni Gorge and located next to a village with the same name. The cliffs themselves are extremely beautiful, consisting mainly of well preserved basalt columns. The orderly octagonal columns look almost man-made.

On a prominent part of the gorge, an old temple, known as the Garni Temple, can be seen. The temple dates back to first century AD and has been fantastically preserved. It is believed to have been funded by Roman Emperor Nero and is perhaps the eastern-most Greek temple in the world. The temple was originally erected for the worship of the Greek gods although this changed after Armenia adopted Christianity in 301 AD. Along the gorge, one can also find an 11th century bridge built over what is today a small stream.

·         13:00-14:00 Lunch at the restaurant

GEGHARD Monastery-Armenian monastery carved out of cliffs and named after the spear that stabbed Jesus. At the turn of the 4th century, only one nation in the world had accepted Christianity as its official religion, and it was not a country anyone would expect. Led by Gregory the Illuminator who baptized the Armenian royal family in 301, the nation plunged into religion, collecting artifacts and building spectacular monasteries along the way.

The Geghard Monastery began only as a small cave chapel, which Gregory declared held a sacred spring in the 4th century. From there, the complex grew, becoming more ornate and massive. In 1215, the main and most prominent chapel was built. Partially carved out of the rocks on all sides of it, the stone monastery melds beautifully with its surroundings and stands out among the outcroppings above.

All told, the buildings comprising the complex are a mix of elegant Armenian stonework and carved crosses juxtaposed with bare cave chapels. The mix gives the complex a feeling of antiquity, especially when combined with the relics the area once held.

Geghard is a derivative of an Armenian word meaning Monastery of the Spear. The complex was named after the spear used to wound Jesus during the Crucifixion. Allegedly, the spear was brought to Armenia after the Crucifixion and is now housed in the Ejmiatsin Treasury, in the spiritual center of Armenia.

Along with the religious importance of the site, the monastery offers stunning views of the Azat River Gorge surrounding the complex.

Free evening

Day 7

09:00 Breakfast at the hotel

Check out from hotel

10:30 Transfer to the airport Zvartnots whit excursion to the holy city of EJMIATSIN.

Mother Cathedral of Holy Ejmiatsin was built by St. Gregory the Illuminator in 301-303, and it is considered to be the oldest church built by a state in the world. According to the 5th century Armenian annals, Saint Gregory had a vision of Christ descending from heaven and striking the earth with a golden hammer to show where the cathedral should be built. Hence, the patriarch gave the church and the city the new name of Ejmiatsin, which may be translated as “The place where the Only Begotten descended”.

It is considered to be not only Armenia’s spiritual center but also the spiritual center for Armenians all over the world. The head of the Armenian Apostolic Church is situated exactly in this city which is the residence of the Catholicos. During the exscursion you can visit the Churches of ST. GAYANE and ST. HRIPSIME which are located in Vagharshapat. They are included in the set of Echmiadzin Monastery. These two buildings have been included on the World Heritage list by UNESCO.



The tour is designed for lovers of extreme relaxation and connoisseurs of opportunities and beauty of mountains as well as for those who want to combine sightseeing and ski vacations. 
Tour is designed for family trips, friend trips and for giving as a present

Tour package 

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The tour does not include:

·         Air tickets,

·         Ski pass

·         Alcoholic beverages,

·         Medical insurance.

The tour price includes:

·         Transfers airport-hotel-airport (3 excursions and 8 transfers),

·         Accommodation-(The price of the tour package is indicated for 1 person in a double room) 2 nights at the “Ani Plaza Hotel” (BB) in Yerevan, 4 night in “Writers House” (from 07.01.2019) (HB) Tsaghkadzor. Oll include free WiFi,

·         Transportation service (Comfortable air-conditioned bus, minibus, car corresponding to the number of person),

·         Tastings of Brandy described in the program,

·         Professional English-speaking guide service,

·         2 lunches and 1 dinners in the best restaurants,

·         Ski Rent,

·         Free bottle of natural water per person (0.5 l) for each excursion,

·         24h support of tourists by phone,

·         Taxes.